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Signature Move Series: Cam Simaz's Ankle Pick Series


with Cameron Simaz,
South Dakota State University Assistant Coach;
former United States Military Academy Preparatory School (USMAPS) Associate Head Coach; helped lead the USMAPS 2017-18 team to an undefeated campaign;
4x All-American wrestler at Cornell University; NCAA National Title at 197 pounds (2012)

One of the prettiest takedowns in wrestling is the ankle pick, and in this video, you'll learn the ankle pick from one of the masters of the move: Cam Simaz!

The ankle pick is a safe technique that can be effective when you need to get two points. The information presented by Coach Simaz will help you increase the number of takedowns you get using the ankle pick.

Getting Started and Setups

Simaz leans on his past experience, which includes winning the individual NCAA Title in 2012 (Cornell), to explain and demonstrate three different techniques to get to the ankle pick. From there, he shows how to use head position, hand position, and foot movement setups to hit a shot.

Adjustments and Finishes

One of the keys to wrestling is to be able to anticipate what the opponent is going to do next before they actually do it. Coach Simaz addresses many of the different methods that opponents may use in reaction to an ankle pick. You'll also get various combinations of turks and cradles that can quickly put your opponent on their back.

Finally, Simaz demonstrates multiple finishes that will increase your chances of scoring. He even covers finishes from different wrestling styles (Folkstyle and Freestyle).

This is one of the most complete breakdowns of the ankle pick ever put together in one place. Coach Simaz has often used the ankle pick to his advantage, and with the help of this video, your wrestlers will soon be able to as well!

83 minutes. 2019.

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